The Political Science Association of Kasetsart University, originally, registered for establishment with the Office of the National Culture Commission on the 23rd of March, 1998 and Bangkok Metropolis Registrar of Associations for legal person status according to Civil and Commercial Code on the 23rd of August, 2002, and changed to its current name by official permission from Kasetsart University under the objectives to promote education and research on governance, public administration, preservation of national resources and the environment, development of human society and stability, legislation and judicial process, human rights, development of agriculture and water resources, industrial trade and transportation, and mass communication, as well as facilitating member activities and those of Kasetsart University.

‚ÄčAt present, the PSAKU has established Advising Center for Academic and Research and Centre of Translation and Language Services with domestic and foreign academic/professional institutions, published a number of national and international Journals, and hosted national, regional, and international conferences on several occasions.