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A Study on the Analysis of National R&D Policy Using Institutional Accountability
Type : APSR

In order to carry out National R&D Program successfully, research manager responds various
kinds of accountabilities around research environment as well as research capacity and
management issue. Considering the source and degree of control over agency actions,
institutional accountability is divided into four types as follows: bureaucratic, legal,
professional, and political accountability. But all institutional accountabilities are not equally
emphasized in every case of National R&D Programs. This paper deals with the question that
what kinds of institutional accountabilities should be more emphasized according to
implementation structure. For the analysis, previous studies about accountability and
governance theory were reviewed. And case study and in-depth interview were used as a
research method. Through theoretical review, we have divided the implementation structure
into four models using the main modality of governance models of Peters: government,
market, deregulation and network models. After that four cases of National R&D Programs
of Korea, each represent the one of four implementation structures, were analysed to measure
the effect of institutional accountability of National R&D Programs. We have found that
institutional accountabilities were highlighted in accordance with implementation structures:
bureaucratic and professional accountability in government model, legal and political
accountability in market model, professional and legal accountability in deregulation model,
and political and bureaucratic accountability in network model. From this study, we could
deduce the effect of various kinds of institutional accountability on National R&D Policy and
also found that each case study provides better understanding about our research questions.

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