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The Development of Anti-Corruption Network Potentiality
Type : APSR

The objectives of this research were to 1) enhance the cooperation among people’s sector in
terms of anti-corruption network that will lead to produce good governance in all the public
organizations and society, 2) expand learning process and information perception among
people’s sectors in accordance with the civil rights, freedoms, roles and duties. In addition,
they were to bring about the coordination centers and the structure of people-sector
management for anti-corruption and cause concrete good governance in the public
organizations. The qualitative method was used in this research including documentary study
and lesson learned from workshop arrangement. The activity of workshop was arranged for
an enhancement and development of leaders in the people sectors. Participants were people
who lived in Bangkok and in the areas of the Office of Public Sector Anti-Corruption region
1-9 and each sample group were not less than 50 participants. Total participants were more
500 samples to participate in the activity. The research findings revealed that lesson learned
from brain storming and suggestions, essential issues for the potential development of anticorruption
were 1) the goal of activity participation, 2) participation in the activity, 3)
knowledge gained after participating in the activity, 4) urgent problems and barriers of anticorruptions
to be solved, 5) highest efficient measures for anti-corruption, 6) an enhancement
of learning process and information perception of people sector according to their rights and
freedoms, and 7) work plan after activity participation. Recommendations were 1) details of
anti-corruption for people should be covered communicated thoroughly, 2) an awareness of
participating in anti-corruption activity should be concerned, 3) the training program for
developing and the potential of anti-corruption volunteers or leaders should be continuously
established, 4) an enhance the cooperation among people for anti-corruption should be
arranged by setting up a complaint center in all provinces, 5) learning process and
information perception among people according to civil rights, freedoms, roles, and duties
should be enhanced, 6) law and punishment relevant to corruption should be modified.

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