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Factors Affecting the State Official’s Perspectives towards e-Procurement: A Case Study on the Budget Division, Office of Budget and Finance, Royal Thai Police
Type : APSR

This research purports to examine the government official’s perspectives towards the eprocurement
system and to perform a comparative analysis study between personal factors
and official perspectives upon the discussed e-procurement matter. The research contains the
total of 86 study subjects, all of which are drawn from official personnel working under the
Budget Division, Office of Budget and Finance of the Royal Thai Police during the 2016
fiscal year. Research tools employed within this study include uses of questionnaires and
relevant analytic tools, namely, Frequency, Percentage, Average Mean (μ), Standard
Deviation (σ), t-test, and One-Way ANOVA. The findings reveal that: (1) government
official’s opinions towards the e-procurement system are generally ranked at high level.
Upon considering each aspect individually, it is discovered that with regards to the
implementation and process of running e-procurement purchasing system along with the
personnel’s understanding towards such topic, these three factors are identified to be at high
level. On the other hand, the electronic communication of the e-procurement system is
generally ranked as low; (2) a comparative study between personal factors and those affecting
the bureaucratic official’s performances on e-procurement reveal that sex, marital status,
education background, and duration of service do not contribute to differences of opinion
upon such issue. In addition, when considering different factors of age, position ranking, and
monthly income, these factors generate a statistically significant difference at.05.

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