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Human Rights Issue in Disaster Management: Lesson from Gorkha Earthquake 2015
Type : APSR

There are various international and national human rights provisions with inalienable
character, in spite of such provisions human rights violation cases have been reported. There
are another variables playing behind the scene. This research paper aims to (1) define the
relationship between human rights and disaster management, (2) state the human rights issue
in disaster time, and (3) identify the causes of violations of human rights during disaster and
(4) establish the relationship between violation variables. This paper is based on analysis of
qualitative data collected through observation and field visit during mega Gorkha earthquake
of 2015. It further cites significant writings, reports, and literatures. The results show that
(1)Human Rights protection during disaster is dependent on Capacity of the Nation,
Awareness level of Citizens, Negligence of Responder and Mal Intention of Victims. (2) The
Capacity of the Country and Awareness level of the Citizens increase the pace of human
rights protection, whereas negligence of responders and mal intention of the victim itself lead
to the violation of human rights. (3) Government and citizen both must play significant role
to respect, protect and promote human rights of citizens. The human right violation during
disaster is extreme violation of right to life of the citizens. Human rights violation cannot be
mitigated only by ratifying the law, but it needs improved capacity, awareness, lack of
negligence and positive intention of victims. To get sustainable human rights development
index these issues measure above mentioned issued.

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