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Factors Influencing Voters to Local Administration Election in Pattalung Province, Thailand
Type : APSR

This research aims to identify important factors that influence the votes of Thailand's political
leaders in Thai society, and to create mathematical equations. In order to know how to get the
votes of the factors affecting and each of these factors are important and how much.
Therefore, sampling the voters in Pattalung province local election, have the 404 samples.
The collected data were analyzed by stepwise multiple regression analysis. The results
showed that factors that influence the votes of election, there are 2 factors that are important
differences, cascaded down to the factors that influence to the votes of election. The most
influential factor is the individual candidate (personal).The second is the distribution of
wealth and money (Money) respectively, with statistical significance.05 is possible. Based on
the set, this equation can be written as follows: Obtaining the vote 1 = 53.09 +.382 Personal -
.07 Money. Recommendation from this research is that the agency that manages elections
should find a way to prevent the distribution property and money to the voters. The
politicians should consider various factors in the equation that factors that will affect to
victory in the election. The researchers should lead the way to extend the research to more
widely and extend the other elections so that the findings can be made into a new era of
political theory further. There also may be used to Qualitative Research to the mix in order to
research a deeper view.

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