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The Process of Human Resource Development to Become a Democratic Community: A Case Study of Excellent Democratic Communities in Kham Khuean Kaew District, Yasothon Province, Thailand1
Type : APSR

The objective of this research is to analyze the principles and concepts for the human
resources development of the democratic community in Kham Khuean Kaew Dristrict,
Yasothon Province by using the qualitative research methodology to study the phenomenon
of human resources development in each community. The data is collected from 35
informants consisting of the qualified persons, community leaders, village’s committees,
leaders of local administrative officers, and general people. This research tools consist of the
structural interview forms, observation forms, and field work record forms. The data is
collected from the document analysis, in-depth interview, focus group, and observation. The
results are analyzed by using the Content Analysis method. The results reveal that (1) the
types of community linkages for the 3 communities have some common natures in 3 aspects;
being the communities that focus on giving people the opportunity to participate in, focusing
on the use of community culture as a medium, and focusing on the establishment of
community network, (2) The principles and concepts of human resource development in the
democratic community is the process of creating people to have correct knowledge and
understanding on the democracy by using the study guidelines, socialization, adaptation of
the community culture, cooperation between various sectors such as schools, families,
temples and communities in the form of network to promote efficient and effective human
resource development in the community in order to build the foundation of democratic
development at the community level and the national level stably and sustainably, (3) The
democratic character of the community is in two dimensions; the individual dimension and
the community dimension, (4) The role of community movement towards democracy is that
in driving the democracy, it is supported by two main factors; internal and external community factors, and (5) the human resource development process towards being the
democratic community should begin with the family along with socialization through the
environment of the community under the conditions of tradition and culture, economic
system of the community, way of life of the community people which leads to the happy
democratic community. 


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