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Social Media and New Environmental Movements for Social Sanction in Thailand
Type : APSR

The objective of this research is to study the formation, dynamics, impacts, patterns, and
methods of social sanction on online media and public sphere of each New Environmental
Movement consisting of Mae Wong Dam, Nakhon Sawan Province, Pichit Gold Mine, and
Krabi coal-fired power plant. The study results reveal 3 findings. First of all, this study
furthers the previous study of Sangsit Piriyarangsan (2015) on the social sanction. That work
does not clearly indicate that which social media is important in the movement. This research
finds that the most important tool of modern technology used in the new environmental
movement for social sanction in Thailand which can generate the big change and can create
the impacts on the society most is Facebook. Secondly, this research finds that the “3 forms
of interaction in Thailand” consist of (1) Interaction between the new environmental
movement, online media, and social sanction, (2) Interaction between social media and the
dynamic of dispute in the dimension of power structure, and (3) Interaction between new
environmental movement and online media in the viewpoint of politic economics on the
power relations. It is the relation which is not defined in any dimension and has the
complicated features with the dynamic and disagreement. Thirdly, this research proposes the
new idea by calling “these 3 forms of interactions” as “the concept on the trilogy of power
interaction of the power of online media and the new environmental movement for social
sanction in Thailand.”

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