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Cross-Cultural Learning of Burmese in Lampang, Thailand
Type : APSR

The objectives of this research are 1. to study the way of life and motives that makes
Burmese decision to live in Lampang Province, 2. to study cross-cultural learning of Burmese
people in Lampang, and 3. to analyze the adaptation process for living altogether equally
under the cultural differences. This research is the qualitative research by interviewing the
community leaders, the Burmese, living in Tha Ma O community, Muang District, Lampang
Province, and members of Tha Ma community. The research results reveal that living in
Lampang Province is more prosperous in the socio-economic and quality of life than in their
own country. This is the factor attracting the Burmese to decide to emigrate to live and work
in Lampang Province because their country is underdeveloped with economic downturn and
lack of quality of life. They need to immigrate to find work opportunities. In immigrating to
find works of the Burmese, they also bring the culture and beliefs in their country into
practice in Lampang. The cultural characteristics of the Burmese in Lampang are similar to
people in Lampang such as Buddhism, worshipping the Buddha images, and going to the
temple to make merit. Therefore, those groups can adjust and learn about the culture of the
local areas quickly as well as analyzing the adaptation processes for equally living under
cultural differences. The Burmese can adapt their thoughts and behaviors to the environment,
economic, and social changes from their own country in order to survive and to be able to
live happily.

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