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The State of the Art of Cryptocurrencies
Type : AAMR

This article intention was to set up the big picture of all 1,639 cryptocurrencies up and give a
policy recommendation for Thai government. Hence, there were three following objectives as
follows: 1) to investigate the state of the art of all cryptocurencies in the source of Code /
Forking due to limitation of number of pages 2) to identify the best practice of
cryptocurrency, and 3) to study the role of General Prayuth Chan-o-cha’s government
towards cryptocurrency. Documentary research and descriptive statistics like frequency and
percentage were used in this study. The findings found that there were twelve groups of
qualified cryptocurrencies in CoinMarketCap, led by two well-known giant family of crypto
market, Ethereum (35.5%) and Bitcoin (16.1%). Then, the best practices were on the
provision of coins or tokens, twelve techniques for managing blokchain (such as Blockchainas-
a Service), blocktime was between 0.03 and 30 minutes with Mean = 1.96, S.D. = 2.29
whereas TPS was between 0 - 1,400,000 with Mean = 1341.87 and S.D. = 36021.52, most of
cryptocurrencies had their own Web Site (95.8%) and E-mail (78.8%), coding played a big
role in cryptocurrency such as C++. Last, cryptocurrency had both open and hidden-and-dark
faces. In the open face, tax, law, people’s identification will be useful. In contrary to the open
side, setting an autonomous public organization is one and only one solution for all cryptocentric

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