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Study of the Mediator Variable of Accounting Performance Influencing Between the Factor of Shareholder Structure and Capital Market Performance of Listed Companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand
Type : AAMR

The objective of this research is to study the mediator variable of accounting performance
influencing between the factor of shareholder structure and capital market performance of
listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand. The research methodologies are the
multiple regression analysis in the data analysis and the test on the accounting performance as
the mediator variable following the concept of Baron & Kenny (1986). The sample group
consists of the listed companies in the Stock Exchange of Thailand during the year 2012-
2016. A total of 1,710 data are collected for using in this research. The research results reveal
that the accounting performance is the variable between the institutional investor’s ownership
and Foreign Ownership with the Tobin’s Q factor. Other variables do not meet the test
conditions at statistical significance level of 0.05.

Date 02/01/2019 0
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