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Consumer Purchasing Process in Digital Market: A Case Study of Small and Medium Enterprises in Thailand
Type : AAMR

Most marketers have accepted that digital marketing provides Small and Medium Enterprises
(SMEs) many benefits. It enables SMEs to develop and implement suitable marketing
strategies in a more meaningful way to serve consumers demand in the digital era. Many
researchers have widely studied consumer purchasing process in the digital market.
Nevertheless, there are limited papers reviewed on the relationship between the purchasing
process and the consumer’s decision of the SMEs consumers. Thus, this paper was intended
to explore this relationship in term of the impact which the purchasing process has on the
consumer’s decision. Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA) and Cronbach’s Alpha were applied
to test the validity and reliability of the data gathered from 400 respondents with a selfadministered
questionnaire. In this study, the authors employed inferential statistics analysis
by Multiple Regression Model to conduct a hypothesis test. The result showed that the
variables under only four stages of purchasing process which significantly impacted on the
consumer’s decision were media, supplier, interaction, trustworthiness, website, recognition,
integrity, prominence, distinction, procedure, and complaint. The finding was useful for the
SMEs entrepreneurs in developing marketing strategies to cope with consumer behavior
under a sophisticated digital market.

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