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The Impact of Terrorism on Tourism Destination Image and Development
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In the twenty first century, tourism is emphasized from multidimensional factors that have
been ever. Starting from top of the government body to the private business sectors, tourism
has tiled away path for discovering new opportunities for many countries that were untapped
unstill very recently. While the world yet thinks natural resources like oil, gas, gold and other
mines to be the most valuable resources that determined the destiny of a particular country or
state, tourism now steps up and shows the potential to that race of greatness. However,
tourism is now rather an industry encompassing various kinds of business ventures entitled to
the people’s traveling. From the hotel and restaurant business to travel companies, many
other parties are now involved within this industry. This research paper investigated the
impact of terrorism on international tourism to see whether it affects the global tourism
negatively. For the analysis, the researchers designed the research methodologies that are
attributed to facilitate the research conduction process. For this, a deductive research
approach followed by positivism research philosophy has been followed. The researchers
designed a set of questionnaire contained 10 close ended questions in survey monkey.
Around 100 respondents gave their opinion on the global terrorism and tourism issues where
it has been found that they are more concerned about the security and safety. Hence, most of
the visitors sharply avoid places that are highly exposed to terrorist attacks. As recently the
developed countries like France, USA and UK are facing an extreme rivalry and threats
against terrorism; there has been a significant fall in the revenue while developing countries
are having fewer problems with global terrorism issues. The detail outcomes are given in the
result analysis part. Finally, for better future effectiveness, some recommendations are

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