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Multilevel Confirmatory Factor Analysis of Green Tourism Management in Thailand for ASEAN Economic Community
Type : AAMR

This research aimed to study a model of green tourism management in Thailand, which was
developed to support the ASEAN Economic Community, using multilevel confirmatory
factor analysis method. The results for the overall model fit measure revealed that the
developed model had construct validity and fit the empirical data (2 =118.084, df =168,
P=0.096, CFI =0.967, TLI =0.909, RMSEA =0.029, SRMRW =0.444, SRMRB =0.442 and
2/df =0.703; P>0.05). Twenty-one variables from 7 elements were identified and studied at
both the within-group level and the between-groups level. Considering the component fit
measure, it was found that at the organization level and individual level green plus (social and
environmental responsibility) was given the highest priority, followed by green attraction,
green heart, green service, green activity, and green logistics.

Date 02/01/2019 0
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