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Problems and Community Participation in Water Management: A Case Study of Paknamchawang Sub-District Municipality, Thailand
Type : AAMR

The objective of this research is to study the problems and community participation in water
management. This is the qualitative research using the in-depth interviews and group
discussions from the key informants twice. The key informants are purposively selected. The
tools used in the study are structured in-depth interview forms and group discussions. The
data is analyzed by content analysis revealing that: 1. Regarding the problems of water
management, the flood is found to occur every year and last long time causing a lot of
problematic consequences. As some parts of the area are the river basins, most areas
encounter the flood problem and the water management is not systemized., 2. Regarding the
community participation in water management, it is found that the community participation is
not organized as the community people always help one another. Therefore, for the
approaches of community participation in water management, as the community participation
is not organized, the form of participation in water management should be changed to be
clearer by developing from the original form of participation of the community and the public
relations for assistance request. There should be the establishment of networks of voluntary
personnel in the community to aid in the community flood problems covering all areas.
Moreover, the development plan on water management should also be made among the
villager leaders, community, and locality to become more systematically with the plan to
support the aid, alert, and evacuation from the flooded areas.

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