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Research and Development on the Process of Goodwill Creation for Rajabhat University Students
Type : AAMR

The objective of this research is to study 1) the process of goodwill creation and 2) the factors
related to the goodwill creation. The population and sample group consists of 450 persons
using simple random sampling. The research tool is the questionnaire with quality
measurement and confidence = .681. The used statistics are descriptive statistics, inferential
statistics, and multiple regression analysis. The results of the research are: 1) The process of
goodwill creation is wholly at the high level. When considering each aspect, the level is high
in all aspects in the order from the most to the least; in responsible acting, in being honest, in
having public mind, in social justice, and in social fairness, respectively. 2) Factors affecting
the process of creating good values including having public mind, sufficiency being, social
justice, and responsible acting. The power of forecast is 95.20 percent. 3) For the results of
the process of goodwill creation, it is found that the process must start from self-creation in
having the good consciousness to be interested in learning and guiding principles of moral
ethics to use in life without being negligent, being ready to listen to the reasons, adapting and
improving oneself. The process is created by individuals or external agencies, including
families, teachers, educators, academicians, monks, and seniors in the society. This is a good
example in giving love, warmth, correct advice on what is right.

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